Welcome to The Indonesian Institute of Mediation


Raison d’être of THE Indonesian Institute of Mediation (BaMI)

            As the magnitude and complexity of business continue progressing over time, any dispute arising from business transactions have become more complex and yet requireing effectiveness and efficiency in its handling. The business community is now concerned with the smooth way and ease of process to settle any dispute that would satisfy the needs of the disputing parties. To this effect, emphasis is more on the informal system and yet workable in arriving at the amicable solution to the dispute that secures win-win situation for the sustainability of future business undertakings of both parties. This new paradigm is certainly beyond the reach of litigation since the latter is designed to settle disputes on the basis of law enforcement leading toward the decision who is the winner and who is the loser.

            Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) has drawn increasing attention of the Indonesian business community based on the following reasons:

  1. Economic Factor: Mediation as an alternative to dispute resolution has the potential to become an economic tool to settle disputes in a timely and cost effective manner.
  2. Scope Factor: Mediation could cover flexible, comprehensive and broad based agenda for dispute settlement.
  3. Good and sustainable working Relationship Factor: Mediation relies upon ways and means to settle disputes on amicable and win-win resolution. Emphasis is on the importance of sustaining human relationship now and in the future.

Badan Mediasi Indonesia (the Indonesian Institute of Mediation) hereinafter called “BAMI” exists to provide ways and means for dispute settlement on an amicable and win-win solution for the disputing parties. The key is settlement agreed upon by and satisfactory to both sides.

BaMI (The Indonesian Institute of Mediation) is established to provide solution to dispute settlement satisfactory to all parties involved on the basis of good ethics and upholding justice for all.

BaMI will strife to:

  1. Provide professional services for the amicable settlement of disputes through consultation, negotiation and mediation;
  2. Ensure the working of efficient and  effective system for quick dispute resolution;
  3. Provide consulting services for alternative dispute resolution to settle disputes outside court litigation;
  4. Ccooperate with institutions, professional organizations in establishing dispute settlement that requires special expertise for certain particular situation;
  5. Conduct training for candidates aspiring to be professional mediator.